Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013-05-07: Demands

The beginning of May has come and gone and my swordsmen have not yet been completed. The demands of "getting the crops in" (I have a veggie garden and the Frozen North thawed in the span of 2 minutes and I found myself needing to build raised beds, fill said raised beds with soil, recover from the shoveling of cart loads of said soil, and then planting planting planting), a demanding 2 year old, and now the demands of overtime at work have conspired to deplete my painting time.

The swordsmen are still not done.  Here is how they stand now:

2013-05-07 - Swordsmen

They are very very fiddly and I am getting sick of running down the line of models with one color on my brush and seeing all the little missed bits that need a different color.  And of course when I next have that color I am seeing all the bits that needed that first color.  And what the heck is this thing hanging from his belt next to the always useful on the battlefield hour glass?:

2013-05-07 - What is that

I will keep chipping away at them over the course of this month.  And for May I will pledge to do an entire WIZARD! 

2013-05-07 - Wizard


Ohhhh… ahhh…. Yeah its a cop out but in addition to needing to finish the swordsmen, I also need to finish building the June pledge, which will either be knights of Morr, a metal steam tank, or bear cavalry. 

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