Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013-07-03: Double Down

My June pledge was to do a unit of Bear Riders to sub for Demi-Chickens.  Overtime at work and pressing garden needs kept me from doing more than building the bears.  The building was also delayed by having to order bits that I neglected to buy when I first ordered the knight bits from the DG kit.  But, while waiting for those bits to arrive I did also work on building some Knights of Morr for the Inner Circle unit I have in my army list.  So, I am going to paint both units in July.

Here is the unit of 6 bear riders I built.  The bears are a toy that I scrounged off the web.  It took a while to find a toy that was sufficiently detailed and realistic and the right size.  I kind of wish I had some alternative poses but oh well.  Three of the knights are demigryph knights and three are regular knights.  I had ordered the DG bits but afterwards figured I could use the regular knights which I have a surplus of.  I added bed rolls from the Ourtrider/Pistolier kit to add ‘something’ to the back, snipped shields for back supports, and various banner topper or other bits to act as a pommel.  I think I might also try to get the sheathed swords on as well.  The straps are strips of paper that I glued into place and then struck on the idea of adding a couple drops of super thin super glue which wicked into the paper and then hardened making them more durable than untreated paper… and probably less likely to have issues curling or falling apart when the paint is added.

2013-06-30 13.23.20 Bear Riders 2013-06-30 13.24.00 Bear Riders 2013-06-30 13.24.18 Bear Riders

And this photo of the Knights of Morr was taken before priming. It was a humid day and I had some graininess in the resulting coat, but currently the Frozen North has seen about 2 weeks of off and on rain with no end in sight so I risked it.  Could have been worse.  Three of them will have scythes (and be proper great weapons) while the others have lances.  In the future I will make more and will make two units.  I have to track down some more zombie scythes for the conversion however.

2013-06-30 13.24.45 Knights of Morr

I will be attempting to do black armor (which I am not looking forward to) and white/grey horses/bears.  I figured that they might be going for the ‘riding a pale horse’ thing and from a painting view point it would be much easier than trying to get a black knight to stand out from a black horse.

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